What to do on a Thursday night

After work tonight, Bender, Nathan, Karl, and myself went for beers and dinner at Lonestar. After that, I headed to Rebel Sport down at Chermside, to pick up my heart rate monitor which had been in for repairs. Seems like a pretty normal thing to do of an evening.

Well, seemingly if you’re a “kid” aged (say) 15-17, your ideal plans crossed somewhat with mine. The number of kids down at Chermie was amazing! There must have been about 300 – 400 of them, all loitering around the cinemas, Playtime, and just outside the entrance. Madness! But why, I ask you? When I was that age, I would have been either at work, or home doing school work. Why don’t these kids have jobs? Why aren’t they studying? What’s so cool about hanging around a shopping centre? What’s wrong with the world? (Or have I missed something here… ?)

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2 comments on “What to do on a Thursday night
  1. When I was 15 I used to sit at home watching videos. I was too poor to hang out at Playtime and too ugly to get a job.<br><br>So please Mr. Blog Man don’t categorize all of us youth as being "no good slackers". Some of us, no matter how hard we try will never be a no good slacker.

  2. Old Cranky Bastard of Australia says:

    When I was young I had to work 26 hours a day, waking 15 miles in bare feet to and from work, uphill BOTH ways, having to wake up 2 hours before I went to bed just to make it in time so I didn’t get flogged to death with a broken bottle by my boss. Didn’t leave much time for slacking around fancy shopping malls now did it. Not like the youth of today with their fancy VHS video playback thingys…..HA!<br><br>

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