Sore toe!

Sore Toe

Playing touch footy tonight, we scored our first non-loss in a competition game. I say “non-loss”, because we didn’t actually win – we drew, 3 all. Still, a non-loss is a non-loss, and we were proud of our efforts.

However, such a valient almost-win comes at a high price. More than once, significant tension was felt amongst the ranks, with threats of fights looming a couple of times. But the worst cost of all was my poor little big toe. Old lefty suffered at the boot of Mr Red Fancy Pants on the other team, and now he’s not looking too happy. If anyone has any idea of how to heal a toe quickly (Suz, I’m especially talking to you here), I’d love to hear it.

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6 comments on “Sore toe!
  1. Dr. Ben says:

    I hear amputation is the only remedy for such situations.

  2. Karl says:

    Man, that is way too manky for this time in the morning! I think I have strained an optic nerve. Impressive camel toe though! ;-)

  3. Dr. Stackers says:

    remove the nail

  4. gerrod says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions.<br><br>Thankfully, the nail is giving me a lot less trouble now, so I think I’ll just ride out the storm.

  5. dr durham says:

    1. drink 6 short black coffees<br><br>2. have one more just in case<br><br>3. heat needle over flame<br><br>4. pierce nail to relieve sub-nail pressure<br><br>5. dont take photos and publicise<br><br>6. if still in pain three days later – repeat process above but add in step 4.5 – remove nail with pliers.<br><br>7. have another coffee – u deserve it

  6. Kristy says:

    I sympathise, I truly do. But… how many days until this picture slips into the ‘earlier stories’ category? (ewwww!)

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