Craig led Kristy and I downtown to see Closer last night. Another great thing about the U.S.A. – movies generally hit the screens here first (it’s scheduled for release on the 26th of January in Australia). I didn’t know much about this film, other than it starred Julia Roberts, and it was rated R. Kristy initially baulked due to the rating, however after we found out that Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason was also rated R, we decided it was safe. (Turns out that there’s no M or MA rating in the States; and anyone under the age of 18 can go to an R rated film as long as they’re accompanied by an adult).

Enough mumbo-jumbo! The cinema experience was pretty much the same as in Australia – ticket queues, over-priced candy store, etc – so I won’t dwell on that too much. The film examines the interactions of 4 people who were brought together under rather bizarre circumstances – their love and hate for each other, and the building up and tearing down of their relationships. It was almost an on-going, unrealistic scenario that realistically comments on life and human nature.

I really liked this film. The script is fantastic, and the casting is absolutely perfect. I particularly enjoyed the way it subtly jumped through time, with one of the actors simply dropping a one-liner that explains that another year has gone by. I don’t purport that this film changed my life or anything, but it was certainly excellent entertainment for a rainy Thursday night. rating: 8/10.

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5 comments on “Closer
  1. shelley says:

    Hi guys, I’m glad life is exciting in the big apple. Is there actually a big apple anywhere? Have fun over there. What is your postal address?

  2. Peanuts and Popcorn says:

    I love going to the movies and thankfully you get to occassionaly see some good films, like Napolean Dynamite and Steam Boy which I enjoyed. Some times, somewhat a rarity, you get to see films that you really enoyed or they have a certain touch of class, voilence, animation or something different that makes them stand out from the crowd. Films like Amelie, The Matrix, Kill Bill (1 & 2) etc. Of course, most of these films have now found their way, as DVDs, to a stack on my floor. <br><br>Except for Kill Bill (volume 1 and 2) which though I have purchased, I havent yet had the chance to watch them….

  3. Suz says:

    Good to see you online again and looks like things are on the up after your dodgy first days in NYC. I’m a bit concerned though about the alarmingly rapid adoption of Americanisms though (i.e. "Candy Store"). Soon you’ll be saying things like "Where are my airplane sox, Mom?" in a louder than necessary voice. Be careful, Brother G!

  4. gerrod says:

    Hmm… good spotting, Suz.<br><br>Then again – what’s the Australian term for a Candy store?

  5. Bender says:

    lollie shop.

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