Looking for free entertainment in New York in Winter? Good luck! After a little research, Kristy and I discovered that the Museum of Modern Art has free entry on Friday night (sponsored by Target). New York has a pat load of museums, so we thought it about time we took one in!

Disclaimer: The MoMA has quite a number of pieces from famous artists, including Picasso, Van Gogh, and Andy Warhol, some of which were absolutely spectacular; however, some of the other “pieces” that they feature are just junk! No, literally… household junk! Now, neither of us purport to be acclaimed art critiques or anything, but when you cut off three segments of wall from someone’s house and call it “art”, me thinks you’re pushing the boundary. Another steller number was a 36×36 set of lead tiles, “purposely designed so people wouldn’t notice and walk on them instead”. Oh – or how about a 2 metre segment of iron railing from someone’s balcony?

But I shouldn’t complain – we both walked away inspired, and ready to create some world famous, expensive pieces of our own. In fact – we decided we’d make it a competition! Below are some feature works from the staff – and we want you to vote on them! To make it more interesting and less biased, we’re not going to tell you who designed each one until your votes are in! Please vote for your favourite piece by leaving a comment or sending us an email – one vote per person, by Friday 21st please.

Piece number 1: Sideways Clown, Sadman Clown


Piece number 2: Inspired Youth


Piece number 3: Art’s Ages


Piece number 4: Daytime Nighttime; Models of affection


Oh, and here are some actual happy snaps from within the museum.

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12 comments on “MoMA
  1. Pat says:

    It can be very difficult to find free entry to a lot of places in NYC. I remember (as a student with little to no money) going to The Met, figuring that the "recommended $15" really meant donate what you like if you enjoyed the exhibition, not a "minimum of $15". Phffff! It is a good place though.<br><br>On other touristy notes, if you’re not yet sick of Museums, the <a href="">Museum of Chinese in the Americas</a> (MoCA – he he) has free entry on Fridays too. I would also highly recommend getting matinee tickets to a lot of the Broadway musicals as they can be ridiculously inexpensive. We managed to get some (admittedly subsidised) tickets for 42nd Street through <a href="">RPI (the college I went on exchange for)</a>, for only about US$30 including the bus to/from campus when tickets normally retail $100+. Of course, I have no idea of how much it was subsidised, but the show was awesome anyway.

  2. Loudah says:

    Hey in your photos I saw the big "OOF" picture. I think its missing a ‘W’…"WOOF" would make so much more sense…

  3. Loudah says:

    My vote for your artwork (after much ummming and ahhring) goes to Daytime Nitetime Models of Affection. Mind you I think they are all great and you should start up a thomas gallery very soon 🙂

  4. burger says:

    Piece number 2: Inspired Youth<br><br>The artwork of five year olds is very much "en vogue" at my place.

  5. Andrew says:

    Piece No 2 has Gerrod written all over it and it collects my vote!

  6. Sharon says:

    The clown has my vote… gotta feel sorry for the poor sad fella.

  7. Bender says:

    My vote goes to the sad clown man. <br><br>However I did notice you didn’t feature the skinny man exhibit in your photo album. I found a copy of it <a href="" >here</a> though. In case you were interested.

  8. gerrod says:

    How could we have missed that one?

  9. amy says:

    no4. because its the preetiest

  10. shelley says:

    Gotta go for the ‘chic’ look – my vote is for daytime nighttime etc., although gumby was a close call.

  11. Bailey says:

    Number 3. Arts Ages…i cant believe no one has voted for it yet

  12. Geoff. says:

    Number 1. There’s something about a sad clown that has art written all over it.

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