Last night I got to attend my second concert in the USA – Garbage. Don’t bother with the jokes about their name, because we’ve heard them all before!

At first we couldn’t get tickets, as the concert sold out remarkably quickly. However – Craig to the rescue – we managed to get a hold of 4 tix from someone that could only be described as a “technologically advanced scalper”. In the USA (and no doubt in Australia) it seems a huge trend to buy a pat load of high-demand concert tickets, then sell them for a markup on eBay to poor schmucks like us that weren’t fast enough to get tickets for ourselves. Clever? Sure! But not very nice… still, the Garbage tickets only went up by about $15 each, which is pretty cheap compared to the $200 (or more) extra they want for a U2 ticket…

Still, I digress. The concert was held at Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan Center Studios. Thankfully the room’s acoustics were much better than the ice-hockey arena in which we saw Jimmy Eat World last week. The fact that 2 of the band members used to be sound engineers probably didn’t hurt things, either :-).

Last night was the first time I’ve seen Garbage play live, and Kristy and I both thought that the lead singer – Shirley Manson – looked very much like a Scottish version of our beautiful friend Mel. The band was pretty hyped up from the moment they hit the stage, riding on the back of recent news that their latest single is in the top 5. The playlist was almost perfect, with lots of tracks from their older albums mixed in well with a few select tracks from their brand new release. I had hoped they would play “#1 Crush”, from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, but they didn’t; still, they did play “Vow”, “I’m only happy when it rains”, and “Cherry Lips (Go baby go!)” which kept the crowds happy.

Overall, a fantastic concert – we all left on a buzz. I’d highly recommend catching Garbage if you get the opportunity!

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4 comments on “Garbage
  1. RAD says:

    Not fair!!!! Wish I was there to help rock it doing wind mills!

  2. Susan Page says:

    haha u lucky person!wish i was there! i love taking back sunday and jimmy eat world!mum thought u were joking about garbage…haha

  3. gerrod says:

    PK: Yeah, you would have loved it, I’m still spewing I had to give up my tickets to Sevendust! :-|<br><br>Hi Susan! So what do you know about Taking Back Sunday? I’d never even heard of them, but they certainly have a pretty huge following by the looks of things. Still, they had nothing on Jimmy Eat World 🙂

  4. Jason W says:

    I want to do the same for a couple of Delta tickets I bought before I booked a ski trip on the same week. But I don’t think they are in such hot demand that I can scalp them for an inflated price – I’d be lucky to get 80% retail 🙁

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