Dip down to the shake shack

Summer is well and truly upon us. Since the weather is so much warmer, I’ve even taken to wearing short-sleeved shirts to work! Best of all, daylight savings means that the sun sticks around until about 8:30 PM. So last night we headed down to Madison Square Park to check out a joint that Kristy has been sussing since we got here – called The Shake Shack. It’s this little cafe type restaurant in the middle of the park, that only opens in the summer. We met Lucy down there and all enjoyed some burgers, fries and our drinks of choice. (Figuring that we were at “The Shake Shack”, I had a “shake”; Kristy and Lucy each had a glass of wine, what yuppies!)

Lucy and fondue at Dip

The milkshake was friggin huge – it was pretty much a meal in itself! So I was pretty well stuffed by the time I’d polished it all off. The ladies were keen to head to another place for dessert though (like I needed it!), so off we went to Dip – a fondue bar not far from Lucy’s place.

Again, let me state for the record that I was already overfull, but ladies will be ladies, and ladies want chocolate – so we soon had a big pot of fondue on the table, accompanied by lots of dipping things. Strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, pineapples, chocolate brownies… all thickly coated in runny chocolate for our indulgence. I won’t go into detail of how bloated we all felt afterwards! But it was awesome fun; it’s great to try new places, and it’s always wonderful to catch up with Lucy!

Needless to say, we’re off to the gym today (whilst Lucy flies over to Hong Kong for 10 days, the lucky ducky!)…

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