Slow walkers

I hate walking. I always keep thinking of all the ways I could be better spending my time. Which means that I get annoyed easily when I do have to walk somewhere – especially when I’m in a hurry. So why is it that whenever I’m in a hurry to get somewhere, I get stuck behind a group of slow walkers? You know the ones, they walk next to each other and take up the whole footpath (“sidewalk”), so your attempts to get around them prove futile. And if you veer left, they veer left too. So you go right… and THEY move right! Finally when you make your break (often by risking life and limb and walking along the road instead), they give you that look that says, “What’s his hurry?”

And recently I’ve been noticing a surge of non-lookers too. Instead of keeping their eyes on where they’re walking, they’ve got their head turned to say goodbye to the nanny and their kids. Stopping and saying goodbye seems not to occur to these people. Perhaps it’s just that I’m wearing a nice cologne, but it seems that no matter how hard I try to avoid them, they follow me like smoke follows the guy holding the tongs at a barbie.

Maybe I just whinge too much.

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3 comments on “Slow walkers
  1. Katie says:

    No your not, I always get stuck behind the ones in the shopping centres, and you try to over take and you end up running into chairs or bins Or the people who stand outside a shop and look in! Why dont they just go into the shop so they’re out of the way!!

  2. Mom says:

    Tell me about your dislike for walking. Try trying to walk the streets of Paris with a 4 year old who constantly stands in front of your crying "Lift me up, lift me up, my feet are tired". Some things just don’t change eh!

  3. gerrod says:

    Yeah, that definitely sounds like something Jason would have done. On the other hand, I’m sure that I was a problem free child! 🙂

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