Back to the deli

Jason feasting on his sandwich

Amongst his bag of goodies, Jason had an envelope from Mom addressed to me – with secret contents inside. Turns out it was some cashola and a note – Mom & Dad were sponsoring us all for a hot pastrami on rye sandwich! And given our recent experience at Carnegie Deli, we thought it would be prudent to head back there. So head back we did, and this time we were pleasently surprised by the lack of line-up! Instead we were shuffled straight to our seat, nice.

J & I skipped the menu, as we knew what to order, but Michelle and Kristy checked them out anyway. Jason instead chose to feast on the pickles, while I chose to take photos of Jason feasting on the pickles. After ordering, we were again stoaked that our food arrived only a few minutes later. Michelle wasn’t game to take on the pastrami, but the rest of us ate until we almost exploded, and then ordered some blueberry cheesecake to boot. Yummo!

Blueberry cheesecake

Overall, it was another favourable trip to Carnegie Deli. Mom, please feel free to sponsor us for meals whenever you want. Oh, and Cathy – sorry for making you hungry :-).

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3 comments on “Back to the deli
  1. bronxelf says:

    Have you gone to the Second Avenue Deli as well? (2d Avenue and 10th Street, southeast corner.)

  2. gerrod says:

    No! We’ve heard of it, but admittedly I didn’t know where it was. Is it better? We hear that New Yorkers are generally loyal to one of the three – Katz, Carnegie, or 2nd Ave – which is your fav?

  3. bronxelf says:

    I dont really have a loyalty like that. I prefer the other two to Carnegie not because they’re *better* but because theyre less overrun by midtown tourists. (I should mention here, I love foreign tourists. Theyre very nice, really. American tourists make me nervous.)<br><br>Katz’ is more comfortable for a large group- it’s a much bigger location. (205 East Houston Street, in case you needed the address on that.) I am at 2d Avenue most often as I’m in that neighborhood a *lot* and my friend Amy lives in the building above the deli. :) But I recommend a weeknight– not a Friday or Saturday– 2d Avenue gets *packed*. If you’re there on those days go to Katz’- it’s got more room in there.<br><br>Hm. A pastrami on rye with a side of chopped liver and a bottle of Dr. Brown’s Cream soda sounds *really* good right now.

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