Packing problems, part 2


Yoghurt down!

The thing I really love about having groceries delivered is the convenience of it all. But today’s delivery was anything but convenient. About fifteen items were missing (many needed for breakfast tomorrow), yogurt and fish juices were spilled throughout the box, and instead of port salute cheese they sent some funky stuff with green chunks in it.

When I called to complain, the friendly folks at Fresh Direct told me they’d send the groceries tomorrow and give me a few token dollars off. Then they found a box of our missing groceries in the back of the truck and promised to send them back within half an hour. As for the missing items that were not in that box, they’d be sent first thing tomorrow. Sounds like an ok plan. Until…

They remember that they’re closed tomorrow for a staff picnic. And the driver doesn’t return within half an hour. And when we call (after an hour and a half) to ask where he is, we’re told that he has no intention of coming back. It seems he has now ‘discovered’ that the milk was spilled throughout and that the delivery can’t be completed.

So what are we left with? Many missing groceries, the job of cleaning up those that did come, no hope of a delivery before Thursday and several hours wasted trying to sort the mess out.


On a lighter note though, it was pretty funny when Gerrod took over negotiations and got on the phone to the supervisor and in his most serious take-charge voice said, “Hello Charles, I’m not sure if you’ve been briefed on the situation but…” Hehehehe.

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4 comments on “Packing problems, part 2
  1. Meegan says:

    Delivered groceries hey! That would be excellent (well except for days like this one) for us living out in the middle of nowhere. It’s about 15 minutes to the nearest Woolies or Coles etc… much further than I’d like :)<br><br>

  2. gerrod says:

    I was going to tell you to try <a href="" target="_blank">Food Direct</a> but they don’t deliver to your area yet (I checked). But, if you lodge your name, e-mail, and post-code, they’ll let you know when the <i>do</i> start delivering to you!

  3. Meegan says:

    Very cool! Didn’t think we had anything like that in Brisbane/Gold Coast as yet.

  4. MCD says:

    Gerrod you da man!

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