Thank you Racey! We love you!

I always check the mail on my way home from work, so this week I was totally stoked when I opened our little mail box and found a package from none other than our lovely friend Racey! We love getting mail (well, anything that isn’t bills), and this package was completely unexpected, which is definitely the best type of mail!

Excitedly, I ran up the stairs to show Kristy, and of course we couldn’t rip it open quickly enough. We tipped the contents on the couch, and rummaged through the treasure inside, finding:

  • A lovely cover letter that almost made Kristy cry (in a good way!);
  • Our housekeys, which Stacey had accidentially slipped into her luggage after her visit; and
  • A new CD! A spanking new copy of Triple J’s Like a Version – various artists performing covers of famous songs. It totally rocks – it’s plugging away in the background as I type!

To totally top it off, the package also contained a bag of DiBella coffee, straight from Stacey’s favourite coffee shop. It is delicious – some of the nicest coffee I’ve ever had. I’d go so far as to say it rivals the Abrisca that I got so hooked on last year. Durhams, Ian, Suz & Al – you guys need to get some of this stuff. And check out my latte art!

Latte Art

So thank you very much Stacey for such a wonderful surprise. And congratulations for eliminating your warm milk dependancy!

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6 comments on “Thank you Racey! We love you!
  1. Phil says:

    She’s a good little girl, isn’t she!!!

  2. nelly says:

    where do we get it?

  3. Stack says:

    No worries, G&KJ you guys rock! I miss you heaps.

    Nelly, UGees (formerly Urban Grind) on boundary st west end, not far down from subway. I’m there every weekday morning from 7-7.30 feeding my caffeine addiction!! Hope to see you there!!

  4. kristy says:

    Nelly lives in Melbourne, Stace, so is there an online ordering alternative?

  5. Ian says:

    Very impressed with the art dude…I kinda get a blackened lump with white chunks in it…I call it A Blackhead…

  6. gerrod says:

    You mean on your coffee?

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