A touch of Spring

The weather is definitely getting warmer in New York. On Monday and Tuesday of last week, the temperature soared up to about 20ºC. Restaurants started opening up their concertina doors onto the street, and putting out their street-side dining settings. Fountains have started flowing again. And out on the streets, we even started seeing bare arms and legs – rather than layers upon layers of coats!

The lounge heater

But the fun didn’t last long – by Friday the temperature was back down to 0ºC, and the weather-lady was threatening snow. I’ve also had trouble getting our inside temperature right. See, the building has central heating, but you have some degree of control within your own apartment (thanks to Kristy’s Dad for finding the control knob :-D). Unfortunately it only has 2 settings – the on and the off mode. And then even when it’s on, it will only heat up if the building heating is turned on.

Most of the time it works quite well, but at the beginning and end of winter it seems very tempremental. Turning it off this week has resulted in a very cold indoors, and so you turn it back on to compensate. But then when it gets hot through the days, our lounge XBox room turns into a sweatbox. Bring on the constant temperatures, I say!

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2 comments on “A touch of Spring
  1. KJ says:

    Constant “warm” temperatures please! It’s minus one today and I don’t want it to be consistently that temp!

  2. meghan says:

    Do like I do and keep the windows open. The heating in my building is so ridiculously hot some days that it can be snowing outside and I have two windows open so as not to sweat to death!

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