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Once again the wife has been complaining, this time about our lack of Xbox 360. “Why don’t we have an Xbox 360”, she would say. “When will we get an Xbox 360?”, etc etc. There’s only so much nagging that a guy can take, so finally I crumbled and bought the thing for her.

Playing the XBox

Of course, I wouldn’t be the kind, considerate husband that I am if I didn’t test the system extensively for her, and as such, performing these husbandly duties has been taking up a fair bit of my spare time. May I say, I’m rather impressed with the whole thing! The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is addictive, and XBox live totally rocks.

One of the other things that we’ve found so impressive so far is the controllers. For a start, they’re wireless – and obviously, not having wires to trip over is a bonus. Even cooler, you can actually turn the system on and off via the little XBox button on the controller! The connection port for the XBox Live headset also fits comfortably into the back of the controller, so talking to other players online is a cinch.

Now, a console gaming machine is only as good as the games, so to kick things off we’ve purchased Burnout Revenge and Call of Duty 2. I’ve only had time to play Burnout so far, which builds on the strong legacy of the previous Burnout games to deliver an amazingly furious arcade style of racer. The Burnout series of games are probably my favourite games ever played. I even gave an online race a go tonight, and managed to win! Woohoo!

My only complaint with the thing? Not enough of my friends have a system, so I can’t play them online. So do yourselves a favour – go and get one for yourself, and let me know your gamertag!

Sadly though, even with all the processing power, memory, and online capabilities that the system provides, Kristy’s favourite game is still Bejeweled. *sigh*. Maybe I should have just downloaded it for free, and save ourselves a packet…

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9 comments on “Xbox 360
  1. Jo says:

    There is *nothing* wrong with Bejewelled, it’s an awesome game! Go Kristy! 🙂

  2. Jo says:


  3. jlowe says:

    Mate, it’s not available here yet but will be very soon. I will contemplate once I have paid off the lcd tv and the furniture!!! Told you x-box live was good fun!

  4. nelly says:

    Amy loves Bejewelled !!!! You must set up a game with her on msn

  5. Ian says:

    Two questions…can it be chipped? And, whats a friend?

  6. gerrod says:

    Not sure about the chipping dude, but I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

    A friend is someone that you pay money to, to ensure they’re nice to you when the going gets tough. Speaking of which, you’re overdue for your March payment, when should I expect the cheque in the mail?

  7. Ginny says:

    yes, a geek tagged one!!!

    have you heard about this:

    i’m so excited!!!

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