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And so, another day of touring begins! Having just returned to NY ourselves, we were happy to play tourist, trekking about town with our oh-so-energetic guests. Since Monday was the Memorial Day holiday, Gerrod was able to join in the fun and flashed his ID badge to start the day off by giving us a private tour of United Nations headquarters.

We then explored midtown in a big clockwise circle, taking in Grand Central Station, the outside of the New York Public Library (closed on Mondays), a cab ride, Carnegie Deli (home of the giant sandwich) and Central Park. Given that it was 31 degrees, we worked up quite a sweat and finished up with a refreshing apple cider at Le Pain Quotidien.

Along the way we stumbled across the filming of Spiderman 3 which is due for release in 2007! Sadly, there were no big name actors or spiderman suits in sight, but we did see some clever camera work and a few cool props such as the Daily Bugle delivery van. (The Daily Bugle is the newspaper that Peter Parker sells his photos of Spiderman to.)

The Daily Bugle

Despite Jason’s urgings to keep exploring, all eight of our feet had given up and were happy to head home for a good sit before heading out again for dinner with some Williams’ buddies, Damien and Lisa.

We had a great night, despite the fact that our restaurant of choice was closed, and our back-up choice had incredibly rude service. We made up for those shortcomings with some great fondue and cocktails at DIP and excellent company!

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