Sydney – Day 2

Unfortunately, the weather for our second day in Sydney was worse than it was on our first day! Nothing but clouds and rain to be seen. But, since we were so overdue for a sleep in, we weren’t really complaining :-).

Queen Victoria Building

When we finally surfaced, we jumped on a bus and headed into the Queen Victoria Building, or the QVB as the locals call it. No doubt the building has a long and interesting history, but I don’t know what it is and couldn’t be bothered finding out. Instead, I’m happy enough knowing that it’s a beautiful building, is home to lots of trendy stores, and I took heaps of photos inside.

The next thing we did was jump on the monorail, and headed out to Paddy’s Markets. The entire first level of the building is devoted to little market stalls, and it was suitably busy with tourists buying cheap junk. What was rather bizarre though, is that as soon as you go up to the second level, it’s like you’re in an entirely different building! Suddenly it’s this super clean and tidy mall type thing! But for all that retail, we didn’t buy anything – prices in Sydney are way higher than New York (or even Brissy!). Instead we just grabbed some chow at the very Chinese food court upstairs – I highly recommend the chicken laksa from Mr Happy Tummy (name may not be accurate).

After getting some more value from our monorail passes, we went and checked out Hyde Park. It’s not quite as big as Hyde Park in London, but it’s still rather spectacular. This pathway through a canopy of trees was particularly beautiful.


Finally, that evening, Jason and Louise very kindly treated us to a fantastic dinner at their favourite restaurant, Cafe Sel & Poivre (French for “Salt and Pepper”).

Gallete of Crab

As you probably guessed, it’s a French restaurant, a cuisine which both Kristy and I had never had before. With extensive experience handling the menu, we got Jason and Loui to order for us, and ended up with:

  • The Crispy Galette of Fresh Swimmer Crab, Leeks and Sauce a l’Americaine for our Entree;
  • Marinated Braised Beef Cheeks with Miramar Cab Sauv Sauce and Frites as our main, and
  • Creme Brulée for dessert.

Not surprisingly, the food was absolutely delicious. Further, all the staff are actually French, so just listening to their ambience was fantastic, even – as Loui says – when they’re arguing!

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  1. Katie says:

    Aaah! Sel Et Poivre! You were across the road from my old workplace. Their lunchtime baguettes are awesome (just as well, as a voucher for one was our compensation for giving blood to use in the lab’s experiments!) Highly recommended.

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