Sydney – Final day

Just when we were starting to believe that the sun never shines in Sydney, we woke up on Saturday to a glorious blue sky and warm sunshine. We took advantage of the weather by heading down to Balmoral beach to meet up with various members of Jason and Louise’s family, including Loui’s dog Chloe, and Jason’s adorable little nephew, Max!

Jason and Max

By the time we finished our coffee’s and walked back to our respective cars, it was time to eat again. So after driving back to Hotel JAL, we walked down the road to Loui’s favourite cafe for lunch. I thought a chicken ceaser salad would be good (and wasn’t disappointed); but it’s a good thing I was hungry!

Ceasar Salad

Sometime after lunch, we headed in to the city to try and squeeze as much value out of the great weather as we possibly could. We positioned ourselves in Circular Quay around sunset to take photos of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the Sydney Skyline, and our efforts paid off with some fantastic shots.

Harbour Bridge at Sunset

We met up with brother Jason at the Opera bar, as well as Rebecca, or “Bok” as she’s known by the locals. Loui’s twin brother Paul also joined us, with his lovely (and new!) fiancee Dani. Dani’s engagement ring is the size of a small planet! Anyway – sitting at the Opera bar (effectively on the “outer deck” of the Opera house), enjoying some drinks with family and friends, and watching the sun set, was the perfect way to round off our Sydney holiday. Well, that’s not entirely true – watching the Broncos (our home team) thump the Manly Sea Eagles (Jason’s home team) was really the perfect way to end our holiday :-).

We were very sad to be leaving Jason and Louise the next morning, but were very thankful to have been able to see them again! Hopefully we can find a way to get them to move back to New York!

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  1. Pat says:

    Seems like you’re eating your way through Sydney, but what a great way to do it!

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