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Our delivery came through a couple days back, and one of the things that it brought with it was our new coffee grinder! As I mentioned earlier, we got this one at a bargain price of only $29.99.

Well, they say that you get what you pay for, but so far the jury is still out on this one. If I had have paid the full price of $79.99, then I’m pretty sure I’d be sending it back. But at $29.99, I haven’t decided if it’s a keeper or not.

It certainly looks stylish enough for our little New York apartment, but that’s about as far as the pluses go. Unfortunately though, there’s plenty of negatives. Firstly, though you can turn the hopper to adjust how fine beans should be ground, it doesn’t seem to go low enough. Even on the finest setting, the grind comes out much too coarse. This means that you have to tamp the coffee extra hard in order to get the flavour out of it.

Secondly, the litte chamber down the bottom which catches the ground beans is very badly designed. There’s a bunch of static electricity in there, which means the grinds all stick to the edges of the chamber instead of collecting in a nice pile down the bottom. And lastly, it makes a really nasty noise while it’s on – not only is it loud, but it’s quite high pitched and hard on the ears.

At the end of the day, the coffees that we’ve had by using it have been very watered down (grind too coarse), but they taste ok if you don’t mind weak coffee. We’ll give it more of a run over the weekend, and send it back next week if we’re still not happy.

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5 comments on “Grindin!
  1. KJ says:

    A very fair review G! I know what you mean about the noise… this morning I heard the sound and thought the blender was on a rampage!

    The coffee it makes isn’t ‘bad’ just very very weak. For someone who goes to an espresso bar and orders a steamer, it’s probably perfect. But when you want to taste the coffee, it’s a bit disappointing.

  2. durham clan says:

    Laura says u need the Delonghi – check out:-

    when it comes to making the right coffee remember:-

    1. need a good grind – finer is usu better,
    2. burr grinder is best
    3. mortgage everything to get 1 and 2.


  3. gerrod says:

    Good call, Durhams! She’s a clever one, that Laura. That’s the exact same machine as our baby back in Australia – sold over here as the “Starbucks machine” for about $150!

    Kristy managed to get a decent grind today so maybe she’s got the touch. This one is actually a burr grinder, but I suspect the burrs are plastic instaed of steel. Bad call!

  4. durham clan says:

    Plastic burrs you say????

    would you drive a car with a plastic drive shaft?

    wld you play a guitar with plastic strings.

    No my friend – God gave us metal for a good reason – it crushes beans.

  5. Shane says:

    I have the Delongi and can confirm that it is a fine machine. I had a diffrent one at first and it also did not grind fine enough. I finaly sent it back and paid the extra. You know this one is just going to annoy you so you may as wel give up now..

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