Happy 4th of July!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The American’s really know how to blow stuff up with class. This year’s fireworks display was easily the best I’ve ever seen. They have fireworks here that I’ve never seen anywhere before, like smiley faces, stars, boxes, and planets. But easily the favourtes were the super trippy ones that looked like a pacman ghosts crossed with a box jellyfish, and floated slowly upwards for about 15 seconds. Very, very cool!

But that’s getting ahead of myself. We had a fantastic independence day holiday yesterday! After reading that Ben and Michelle’s enjoyed breakfast at a local venue over the weekend, I was inpired to find a good local breakfast place of our own. We ended up at Heartbeat, a health food type of restaurant in the W Hotel, only a few blocks walk from our place – and I’m pleased to say, the food was excellent! We’ll most certainly be going back there; but next time we’ll avoid the bevvies – six bucks for a glass of OJ, and eight bucks for a latte!

Next on our day’s agenda was to head out to Jersey City, to pay a visit to Lisa and Damien. We first met Team LaD at dinner one night with Jason and Kellie, and since they were such great company we were very keen to catch up again. As expected, we had a great afternoon, playing cranium, swimming in the pool cursing the pool for being closed, and eating all American fare like hotdogs and hamburgers. Yum!

For our final activity of the day, we headed back into the city with Lisa and Damien, to watch the fireworks from the UN’s gardens. (See first paragraph for details :-). So as you can see, it was an awesome 4th of July holiday; so much so, that I think we should celebrate America’s independence more often – like, maybe, every Monday! Yes, I could definitely handle working only a 4 day week…

After the fireworks

Update: Here’s a shot of a bunch of us after the fireworks at the UN – thanks to Fabs for the picture. From left to right – Teresa and Frederick (Frederick is an intern at the UN, and sits in the office next to mine), Lisa and Chris (Lisa works downstairs in my division), Greg and Fabia, handsome guy and pretty lady.

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2 comments on “Happy 4th of July!
  1. Michelle says:

    Sounds like a top day off!

  2. jason says:

    So where are the photos of blowing stuff up?

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  • Ben: Fingers and Toes
  • Stacey: Ooh good luck with your new bedtime friend!! Looking forward to hearing how much more awesome you feel in two weeks!! Fingers crossed for you.
  • Nick: Sorry to hear about that dude but I’m sure it’s much better to know. You’ll probably also feel amazing when you get real deep sleep again!
  • Lisa: Happy 1st Birthday, Leo! The picture w/ the sunglasses is priceless- just gorgeous!!! xo
  • Julian: Challenging pitch, provocative play – that match had it all. Incidentally, the stance I’m holding in the first picture is also the one I use for golf.

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