Welcome, Lou and Steve!

More visitors! We’re lucky enough to have Louisa and Steve visiting us at the moment, for the New York leg of their worldwide journey. They arrived on Friday night, thankfully not too delayed with the heightened security around the airports at the moment. We got things kicked off straight away with dinner at Chipotle, then a visit to Times Square – including a drink at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Steve and our Hard Rock waitress

By the time we got to bed that night, it was well into the next day, so Saturday morning saw us all having a late start. After some brunch at a local cafe, it was time to hit the shops. I got in trouble for taking a photo in the uptown Diesel store – why on earth can’t I take photos in a store?! – so needless to say, I’m publishing it right here:

The illegal Diesel photo

Anyway – we continued to shop the afternoon away, before heading up to the Top of the Rock observation deck for a birds eye view of the city. Lou and Steve picked a perfect weekend to come – the weather was beautiful! Clear blue sunny skies, moderate temperatures, and very low humidity. The visibility up there – especially out over Central Park – was just fantastic. I’d recommend Top of the Rock over the Empire State Building observatory any day.

On the Top of the Rock

All in all it was a pretty huge first day, and we were glad to come home for Indian takeout for dinner. But, given that it was a Saturday night – the last night before Louisa’s birthday, no less – it wouldn’t have been proper to simply stay in and go to bed! But, I’ll save details of that journey for the next story.

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2 comments on “Welcome, Lou and Steve!
  1. Pat says:

    No picture taking in Diesel? Phfff… They must think they’re going to get a lot of celebs hanging around. Sounds like you’re all having fun though.

  2. gerrod says:

    My theory is that they’re afraid that you’re going to show/sell the pictures to the counterfeiters, and they’re just protecting their IP. But really – do we look like someone that would do that?!

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