Fun weekend!

Having worked the night shift last week (or afternoon shift, as Dad calls it) I was keen to spend some quality time chillin’ with Gerrod this weekend. And lucky for me, that’s exactly what we did!

Saturday morning got off to a leisurely start with some tidying up, XBox 360, and experimenting with a new addition to our daily smoothies – Brazilian fruit pulp. Fabia recommended it to us and it’s really tasty! Then it was off to gym for a killer workout to make up for a week of business/laziness.

We tried this cwazy stepper machine which is like real stairs coming towards you on an escalator type mechanism. After 7 minutes, my heartrate reached 91% of its maximum and I needed a little lie down (to Gerrod’s taunts of, “That’s not exercise, you know!”) before continuing.

Max Brenner

On our way out of gym we ran into Sibylle and Jurgen and persuaded them to join us for a trip to the newly opened Max Brenner at Union Square. Persuading Sibylle and Jurgen to come and eat chocolate was about as difficult as persuading a monkey to eat a banana, especially given that we had all that energy to replenish after such a strenuous workout!

Unlike the small stores in Sydney this place is mammoth! It has two levels, seating for over a hundred people, a store and a take-out counter. We had to put our names down and wait half an hour just to get a table to enjoy our hot chocolates at! Unbelievable!


While there we got a call from the fabulous Damien and Lisa inviting us over for some of Lisa’s famous lasagne (yum!). We enjoyed a lovely night of amazing food, wine, and company, which ended up being a sleepover party when we couldn’t face the commute home. Even breakfast with Lisa is a three-course feast, so we were delighted to stay! Lisa even went to the trouble of making me a candy tree for my birthday! 🙂

The rest of our Sunday was fairly uneventful, but the good news is that we finally have a tidy apartment. It was starting to look suspiciously like a disaster zone! Probably the highlight of our day – after breakfast, of course – was watching the first episode of Survivor. We hadn’t even realised that it had started, so we’re already 5 episodes behind! (Thank goodness for BitTorrent!)

And all too quickly, Monday has come around to remind us to once again look forward to next weekend. And given that we’re off to Las Vegas next weekend to celebrate Gerrodfest – well, looking forward to it is exactly what we’re doing!

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  1. jason says:

    Well it’s about time Max opened over there! Their hot chocolates are soo good!

  2. Shane says:

    At least you will be able to see for yourself the grandness of the fountain at the Bellagio Vegas.

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