Only one bag, please

Last night when I bought my groceries from Associated, I asked the girl to throw everything into one bag, and not to double bag it. You know what she said back to me?

You’re the first person to ever say that to me.

It really annoys me that you can’t buy a few groceries without having it put into two plastic bags. In fact, I’m convinced that adding a second bag usually adds no value anyway. I mean, all I was buying was –

  • 2 packs of frozen veggies,
  • 2 packs of stir-fry beef,
  • A packet of udon noodles, and
  • A bottle of oyster sauce.

(No prizes for guessing what I had for dinner last night.) The total weight of the bag must have been easily under two kilos, and yet for some reason the girl thought two bags would be necessary. Ludicrous!

I remember another time when shopping at D’ag, and I said to the girl, “only one bag please”. The girl then proceeded to put the groceries into one bag, and then she double bagged it! So it seems as though the sheer concept of not double bagging is lost on New York checkout chicks.

Sad for our environment.

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7 comments on “Only one bag, please
  1. jason says:

    And as we discussed one night while getting the double bag treatment, if they bags are so weak, why not make them a little bit stronger, negating the need for two!

  2. Meghan says:

    Double bagging is a NYC thing, they don’t do that out in PA where I grew up. I think it’s probably the norm here because people are more prone to be walking long distances, and don’t want the bags breaking on the way home. In suburbia (which is what they probably design the bags for mostly), you just walk out to your car. That’s my theory anyway 😉

  3. Mel says:

    Wonder what they’d say if you took your own bag… they might think you’re an alien!

  4. Cam says:

    Have you ever asked for NO bag? They’ll look at you like you’ve got two heads!

  5. Kristy says:

    I once asked for just one bag and they obliged – in an odd kind of way – by bagging things separately (sometimes only one item to a bag) then stuffing all of those bags into another.

    I swear I came home with about five bags in total!

  6. jloweinnewyork says:

    Too funny. Guess she wasn’t working there in 2005, because I asked on many occasions for just one bag…..and most times they just continued on with the double bag process. I would then pull the second bag off the outside and leave it behind at the check out. I reckon they were thinking I should “go back to where I came from”!

    Then there were the times I took my orange re-usable Sainsbury’s bag (I had picked up in London – simply because I couldn’t believe the “re-usable” bag hadn’t caught on in the US given we have had them in Australia for years now). The girl who served me still put the groceries in a plastic bag. The rest was up to me.

    Gerrod, I’m sure you’ll understand that the average IQ of the 2nd & 49th Associated employee should not be discounted when analysing their behaviour.

  7. Ben says:

    What gets my goat, is when you see people go into a sandwich store, maccas, etc… order a burger and they put it in a bag for you.

    You’re only going to take it out of the bag straight away and eat it, so why do they still give us the bag?

    I always tell them not to worry about the bag.

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