Sock etiquette

White socks?

It’s always the deep, profound questions that seem to have the greatest impact on our life. Why are we here? Where did we come from? Why does man take up arms against fellow man, rather than investing their energy into the betterment of all humankind?

Well, I’ve been pondering a question of my own that I think you’ll agree is along these lines. When you’re wearing dark jeans and casual shoes, what type of socks are you supposed to wear? This is a question that’s been plaguing me for years. Of course, when you’re standing up/walking, it’s no biggie, because your jeans come down over the tops of your shoes (and if they don’t, maybe it’s time you met Stacey and Clinton). But when you’re sitting down, or relaxing with your legs stretched out in front of you – well, it’s entirely a different story.

I figure that it can’t be those little ankle high socks, because you don’t want people seeing your bare legs under long pants. So that leaves me generally wearing “mid-rise” sports socks, because they seem appropriate for the type of shoe. But what colour? Black sports socks don’t seem right to me, but then again, white socks look terrible under dark jeans.

So, what’s the story? Am I breaking sock etiquette here without knowing it?

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9 comments on “Sock etiquette
  1. Ben says:

    Basically you shouldn’t be wearing trainers/sneakers with jeans. Once you take them off, you don’t have to worry about sock etiquette 🙂

    Dark long socks are the only way to go if you must do a seinfeld and wear trainers.

  2. Pat says:

    I thought the rule was that socks should match the colour of your trousers (or jeans). The North American habit of white socks with everything from shoes/sandals is apparently just a no no. A quick search turned these links up:

  3. Stac says:

    Well, I usually go bright blue or hot pink, but Wes stays safe with a charcoal woollen number.

  4. KJ says:

    Ben, keep in mind where we live. Maybe G can get away with it under the guise of “my life is a long-running Seinfeld tribute”?

  5. gerrod says:

    Interesting thoughts there from everyone.

    Ben – what about a pair of sketchers, or diesel shoes? It’s the same issue…

    The ones that I’m wearing in this picture are Nike ACG – very lightweight and good for walking around all day in. Anyway, when in Rome the USA…

  6. jason says:

    What you need is jeans that are long enough so that the sox is not shown, and if it is and people have an issue with it, they really need to get out and live a bit more!

  7. Ben says:

    Everyone really does have good points!

    I hope I didn’t come across too serious, I was just having a laugh.

    I wear bright blue socks with my work slacks and business shirt/tie sometimes and they only go up just past my ankles. I get heaps of strange looks on the tube :/

  8. Meghan says:

    This North American wears black sport socks with dark jeans. In the summer I wear the black ankle ones. Try it, you’ll like it! 🙂

  9. Karl says:

    Sometimes I don’t wear any socks at all and I feel so naughty! 😉

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