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Something strange is going on in New York (well a lot of the USA in fact) – it’s freaky hot. It’s supposed to be the dead of winter, but yesterday and the day before, we had temperatures around 20°C! It’s very strange seeing people out on the street wearing shorts and t-shirts!

Karl and Caroline

To make the most of the splendid weather, and as a farewell to Caroline whose last full day it was in New York, we headed over to Bizarro World – or more accurately, the West Side – and up to a little diner called Eatery. We’ve read countless reviews of this place, and we’ve seen it on programs that talk about the trendy places to eat in New York, so we figured it would probably be a bit of alright.

Turns out that for the most part, it was a bit of alright. The food was reasonably priced with a brunch main hitting the wallet at around 13 bucks, and for that you get a decent serving of whatever it is that you ordered. The menu itself was just about the right size – not so huge that it’s overwhelming, yet extensive enough that even the biggest whingers should be satisfied.

It seems the meal of choice for our table was the buttermilk pancakes (three of), with rum caramelised pears, plus bananas and strawberries and maple syrup. Kristy, Karl, and Casper all ordered that and seemed satisfied with their choices. Just to be different, I hit our waitress up for their variation of eggs benedict called “E-Benne”. Instead of being served on an English Muffin, it came on a Maine crab cake, which was then stacked on top of a vegetable potato cake.


On the downside, the bread was pretty festy – quite hard and almost stale tasting, actually – but I don’t know if was just a strange variety of bread or if I just scored the dodgy bits of the loaf. Worse than the bread was their “latte” – it tasted more like they’d thrown instant coffee into an espresso machine, then topped it off with super bubbly milk. Yukko!

But on the upside, everything else was tasty as. Karl and Casper both polished off their plates in record time, so I guess the pancakes were pretty decent. Kristy and I both said that Eatery is a place that we’d happily eat at again, but we wouldn’t feel disappointed if we didn’t. rating: 6.5/10.

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  1. gerrod says:

    Sure! Caroline –> Caz –> Cas –> Casper. It’s a natural progression.

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