New York: The Ugly Side

In case you think New York is all glam all the time, I’m here to prove you wrong. Like I said yesterday, when a big dump of snow falls, it’s nice for a few minutes, but after it stops and cars start driving through it…

Snow and trash

This is on the corner just near work. As you can see, that snow ain’t so white anymore, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s slippery too. And given how cold it is, you don’t want to be slipping over in that. Crossing the road and walking through that mess on both sides is not the most enjoyable thing about living here!

Oh, and you’ll also notice the big pile of rubbish in the front-right of the frame. New York’s rubbish collection cycle involves tossing all your garbage out in bags on the side of the road, and then blokes come along and chuck it into the back of massive vans while you’re at work. It ain’t pretty, but it works. Still, I don’t understand why the recyclables get put into plastic bags, to me that seems to defeat the purpose!


And suffice to say, when it snows you really don’t want to be the owner of a car! Karl and I were remarking today that all the snow and salt (which is used to melt the snow) can’t be good for your paintwork. Then again, I guess people in the city just don’t care!

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One comment on “New York: The Ugly Side
  1. kj says:

    Another yucky thing – guess what looks a lot like grey concrete? Deep, icy puddles covered with a thin layer of snowy slush.
    I stepped into one today on the way home from gym while wearing sneakers and wound up with a big wet icicle where my foot used to be! There should be beginners courses in how to recognize the different stages of snow/ice/sludge and which are safe to step on…

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