The rest of LA

While were weren’t scooting about in the theme parks, we tried to take in as many of LA’s hot-spots as we possibly could.


A trip to LA wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Hollywood, though in all honesty I had no idea what to expect to see. We’re not really into all the glam and the glitz though, and as it turns out there really isn’t much to see without it! We went up to Kodak theatre to glimpse the famous Hollywood sign on the hill, and also for a birds eye view down on to Hollywood Boulevard. The Kodak Theatre is right next to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, so we sussed that out as well. My shoes are the same size as the governator’s!

Arnie's autographed block

We also took a short stroll along the boulevard to see the famous stars along the walk of fame. They’re all pretty much the same, so we gave up once we spotted an Aussie.

Nicole Kidman's Star

Beverly Hills (90210)

Once again, I really had no idea what to expect from Beverly Hills, but I was disappointed not to spot Brandon or Brenda. We started out by driving past some nasty big houses that looked like they’d take a long time to clean. I don’t know why anyone really needs that much space unless they’re trying to house a family of 12. We also strolled up and down Rodeo drive and tried to fathom how anyone could possibly afford anything that we saw for sale there.

Kristy on Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills certainly seemed like a nice neighbourhood, but I got the feeling that it was somewhat out of our price range.

The Dodgers vs The Cubs

Rosey and her Mum (who is 93!) are both mad keen Dodgers fans, and Rosey had managed to pick up some wicked good seats for their game against the Cubs, so we headed out to watch the game on Saturday morning.

Rosey and her Mum

Unfortunately for the LA fans, the Cubs got lucky with a 4-2 win. And unfortunately for us, the four lads in the seats in front of us were not only jerks, but Cubs fans! We didn’t see them watching the game even once – instead they just had a jolly good chin-wag. Just what we needed!

Anyway, LA overall had a lot of really cool things to do, and I’m stoked that we finally made it out there to check it out. It’s always great to spend time with Rosey too; she’s a bigger kid than Kristy and I put together (you should hear her scream on the roller coasters!). Hopefully it won’t be a long time before we can visit again, and get the rest of the theme parks notched up on our belt!

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