We’re in London

You’ve effectively got two options to fly from New York to London. Option number one, and the better of the two, is to fly first thing in the morning, and arrive here quite fresh early in the evening. Grab a quick bite for dinner, a few drinks at the local pub, then hit the hay and hopefully wake up free from jetlag.

Option number two, and the one which we always seem to exercise for some reason, is to fly late at night from New York, and arrive in London first thing in the morning, having had almost zero sleep and feeling like a complete zombie. The single advantage to this flight is it guarantees that when bed time finally rolls around after your first day in London, getting to sleep is pretty much guaranteed.

That was certainly the case for us last night. After the lights went out, it was literally a few seconds before sleep set in. In fact, I think the last two hours or so that I was “awake”, I was actually just performing things in a trance like state. Kristy even said that I was so tired, I was slurring my words like a drunkard. Nice!

Our journey here was quite long, as we had to come via Shannon (the fare was half the price of a direct flight). We had a few problems with immigration officials – more specifically, the lack of them – and Aer Lingus lost one of our bags: my hiking backpack, with all of my everyday things in it! Thankfully it turned up late in the afternoon – it seems that it hitched a plane to Dublin instead of Shannon! Still, as Ben said, only losing 1 out of 6 bags is a pretty good fall-out rate; and in fact, it would have been better for them to lose all of our bags, because having them couriered would have been much easier than carting them here ourselves!

But now we’re here, and we’re trying to get the ball rolling. We’ve already been hunting for flats (online only at this point), we’ve visited the bank to try and sort out our account (no joy so far), and we’ve organised SIM cards for our mobiles (again no joy at the shops yesterday, so we bought them online and they should be delivered today). Once we have some up to date contact details, we can update anyone that’s interested, and start sending out resumes to get some of those lovely Great British Pounds coming in.

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3 comments on “We’re in London
  1. Nat says:

    The USA is a sadder place without you two in it.

  2. kj says:

    Thanks Nat – we miss you guys! I hope those passport applications are under way!

  3. Pat says:

    Welcome welcome guys! Glad to hear that you’ve arrived at last. Though the USA will be a sadder place for you leaving, England will at least be a brighter one for you arriving! Sorry I won’t be able to catch up with you in a bit – heading to a conference in Italy. I hope to see you both when I get back though. Enjoy the great weather. You’ve arrived at a great time.

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