A new home

We’ve moved! It’s only taken what, six weeks or something (perhaps longer!), but finally we have a place we can call our own! Here’s a few photos, showing full well the damage that we’ve already invoked with our nine suitcases of possessions!

Lounge room

Here’s the lounge room. There’s a single seater sofa chair just out of shot to the left of the photo too, and the windows are looking out on to the street. We’re on the first floor so we get some lovely breezes through – perfect for those hot, Brisbane summer days that we just don’t seem to get over here… oh, and those bookcases are actually leaning forward at about a 15 degree angle – like pretty much every London apartment we’ve been to, the floors here are not exactly what you’d call “flat”!

The Kitchen

Hard to get this one wrong – it’s the kitchen. Notice anything missing – like, a coffee machine? Well, hopefully after this weekend, it will be missing no more! We also don’t have a microwave, but I think that’s of secondary importance to a coffee machine.

First Bedroom

Here’s our master bedroom, and of course the only reason the bed isn’t made is because we were freshly out of it! I’m not a fan of having the bed propped up against the wall because it means I’m without a bedside table (where am I supposed to put my PSP?) – but there’s not a lot of room to manoeuvre things around…

Second bedroom

And, possibly the most exciting thing of all – our second bedroom! We couldn’t believe that a place in our budget and desired neighbourhood would have two bedrooms, but there you have it!

Most importantly, we technically don’t have internet access yet, so my apologies in advance for the slow updates. Hopefully Virgin Media well get back to me soon with an install date. Oh, we also don’t have any pots, pans, or cutlery, plus Amazon won’t deliver our new TV for another week! Ahh, the downers of moving countries…

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3 comments on “A new home
  1. Louisa says:

    Looks like you’ve found an awesome place! Love that you have a second bedroom too, we’ll definitely be coming to visit! There are so many places to go but London is a bit of a consistent draw card for some reason. Next up can you guys (and by that I mean all you Londoners that I miss!) go and move somewhere I haven’t been? 🙂

  2. gerrod says:

    Sure Lou, I’m open to suggestions… 🙂

  3. Superyam says:

    Just a cautionary word here…..
    If you start using your “widescreen mode” vision in your new quarters, you may be charged more by the landlord for the extra space created (only “technically” of course)

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