The Cotswolds

Last Sunday, Michelle suggested that we hire a car and drive out to The Cotswolds, so that’s exactly what we did. Though the place is old hat to Chelles and and Bender, it was certainly new to Kristy, Wendy (Ben’s Mum) and I – and boy was it beautiful! It was very stereotypically English – little villages with narrow streets, lots of greenery, and much quaintness.

The Cotswolds

Ben’s favourite thing about the Cotswolds is indulging in scones with clotted cream. Having now tried it for myself, I can certainly understand why – it’s amazingly delicious. And with a name including the word “clotted”, it has to be good for you too… anyway they disappeared down our traps so quickly that I didn’t even take a photo, but there’s a nice shot on the Wikipedia article.

Ben and Michelle in The Cotswolds

Kristy and I also got to play in our very first hedge maze! It was fantastic fun! Not only did we have to find our way to the exit, but we also had to find 12 picture tiles along the way, and at each one, we had to write down what the picture was. Then at the end, we had to use the clues to solve the puzzle and find the golden dragonfly. It was like something straight out of survivor! We did manage to find the dragonfly, however our clues weren’t much help! If only we’d have known what a Plaice was…

Without a doubt, the Cotswolds have instantly become one of my favourite places in England, and I’m sure that we’ll be back there again as soon as we have some visitors to take.

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  1. Maybe Boyd Coddington? says:

    Hey, Ben…..nothing wrong with your hair in the photo. Ok, it may look a bit like a hedge maze but it beats the **** out of the styles you had pictured in your blog.

    PS Just avoid becoming a sanctuary for dragonflies (golden or not)

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