Happy Birthday Curtain!

Tomorrow is Kirsty’s 23rd Birthday. However, since (a) I have my work Christmas party tomorrow night, and less importantly (b) Kirsty has her Christmas party tomorrow night, we instead decided to have a little get together in her honour on Sunday at lunch.

Kirsty's Birthday

Now is it just me, or does that photo make my left arm look like one of Popeye‘s?

Anyway – unfortunately, Kristy (not Kirsty, Kristy – pay attention, people!) was busy with other occupying things and hence couldn’t attend, so Kirsty (spot the difference?) was under the illusion that it would just be her and I. Now, a lunch date alone with me is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but since it had “slipped my mind” that in fact a huge gang would be there, I let her go along with the thought for the entirety of our walk to The Bollo. Boy was she surprised (/relieved) to walk in to table of 7, all gathered in her honour!

Not being the first time I ate at The Bollo, I once again chose the old favourite of the roast lamb shoulder, and once again it was absolutely delightful. I also indulged in some Christmas pudding afterwards, taking Bender’s advice – you only get it once a year!

Overall, I believe the afternoon was a complete success. Happy Birthday, Kirsty!

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4 comments on “Happy Birthday Curtain!
  1. Ant says:

    The Popeye resemblance is uncanny :)

  2. Curtain says:

    I think the best present ever is the fact that I am only turning 23!

  3. Michelle says:

    ’tis a good photo of you Gez.

    happy birthday again Kir!

  4. Ian says:

    I think you should know these growths on your forearms are giant tumours..

    Yeah, Im surprised you haven’t realised this is not how a human being is supposed to look…

    And the speech thing, and what your doing with your eye, you had a stroke about 7 years ago.

    That you’ve managed to be walking around all this time is nothing short of a miracle..

    I’d say about two months….

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