Thank God for Google

Can you imagine a world without Google? It’s certainly no secret that I’m a huge fan of their products – GMail has completely changed the way that I use e-mail; I love that Google Calendar synchronizes with my phone, ipod, iCal, and more – plus I can share it with people to save them asking me when I’m free or busy; and who goes anywhere these days without having a printout of a google map? Yes, they’re certainly the company who rules the IT world these days, and every day I think I find their products even more useful.

Random products

The people who lived in our house before we did were from Belgium. One of the things that we somehow inherited from them when we moved in, was a bunch of random, “store under the kitchen sink” type of products. Unfortunately though, most of the labels were in… well, not in English, that’s for sure. Not knowing exactly what the chemicals were, our initial thought was to find out how to safely dispose of them through the council. As it turns out, you’re supposed to arrange a pickup from the Hazardous Waste Disposal Service, and given that we’re generally not home through the day, we quickly put that option into the “too hard” basket.

That was about six months ago, and the products have been helpfully gathering the dust from under the kitchen sink ever since. Today I decided, “no more!” and decided to tackle the problem the IT Nerd’s way. Unfortunately, my usual tactic for solving any household problem – bribe Dad to visit with the promise of coffee, then casually ask, “Hey what do you make of this?” whilst he’s drinking it – had to be ruled out, since Dad has insensitively chosen to live in another country.

So, instead, I decided to ask Professor Google to take a look at them, and before long I had quickly worked out what most of the products were! I was still a little baffled as to the bizarre range of products that we had – paint thinner, mould killer, and sea salt? – however, at least I knew which ones we could use, which ones we could safely chuck out, and which ones had to go back into the “too hard basket” for the next residents to deal with.

And, as an added bonus, I found a cool brand for all you environmentally conscious cleaners out there! I’ve no idea what it’s availability will be like, but from now on I’ll keep an eye out for Froggy products, as they’re (mostly) biodegradable, non-animal tested, and guaranteed environmentally friendly! Is nice!

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