Coheed and Cambria

If you’ve never heard of Coheed and Cambria, do yourself a favour – head to their website and listen to their music. They are, quite simply, amazing! Their music is totally sweet as; I’ve been a huge fan ever since I first heard a snippit of Welcome Home playing on MTV a few years ago.

Coheed and Cambria

Even though the band’s home town is New York, I never once got to see them play there (the only time I heard they were touring was inconveniently when we had taken a trip back to Australia, d’oh!). So when I found out they were coming to London, I absolutely jumped at an offer for a ticket!

So last night, Todd and I headed back to Brixton Academy with Alasdair (from work) and his wife Becks to check out their show. They were actually playing as headline act of the Kerrang Tour 2008, so there were a bunch of other bands before hand that we skipped (we caught the tail of the act before, and suffice to say, they sucked).

Coheed and Cambria took the stage at about 9:50 PM and immediately I knew we were in for a treat. As musicians, they are endlessly talented – I was transfixed for most of the night just watching how quickly the guitarists could work the fretboard. Amazing! There was one point where the two leading guitarists kind of had a “showdown”, each one trying to out play the other – and both doing an exceptional job!

My expectations had been so high going to the show, and I’m pleased to say that they were easily met, if not surpassed. My only complaint was that the didn’t play for twice as long!

I notice however that they’re playing in Germany in April; I’m very tempted to buy a ticket to that show as well. What a cool weekend that would make!

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  1. Allie says:

    Hey mate, went to their website, and it’s pretty cool. They are touring Brissy on the 30th March at the Tivoli, so very tempted with such a good review from you. Will have to investigate more, as I don’t think I have heard of them previously. Thanks for sharing! Allie

  2. Charles says:

    Saw you enjoyed the show and thought you might enjoy this video of a live acoustic performance:

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