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We spent about six hours on Sunday just cleaning the house. It was the first weekend that we’ve been “home” (in quotes not because this isn’t home, but because I wasn’t home all of Saturday) for two weeks, plus the weeks in between had been awful busy as well. As such, the house was a complete wreck!

Anyway, as I’m sure you can imagine, it was very satisfying to finally get things done – lots of paperwork got sorted, scanned and shredded, the floors got cleaned, the kitchen and bathrooms got a complete work over, etc etc. And the results are spectacular – I can hardly believe this is the same house!

Stacey also left the shores of Chiswick on Sunday to head to Blackheath, where she’ll spend the remainder of her London days with Nick and Michelle. Since it was her last night here on Saturday, we chilled out at home, played boggle, and ate some terrible, terrible indian (which gave us all trouble the next day).

Last night I went to see Iron Man with Tim and Todd, over at Shepherds Bush (or “Shay-bu” to the locals). (As an aside, the 148 bus which stops directly outside our building at work terminates at Shay-bu; the 237 takes me from Shay-bu to the high road stop at the end of our street! One day I might see what the door-to-door time is, as it could be a viable alternative to the tube!).

I really enjoyed Iron Man! I’d heard lots of people comment on it, with the most common one being that it was too long. I didn’t find that at all; I enjoyed it from start to end. The only thing I found weird was that I couldn’t stop thinking that Jeff Bridges was actually Kevin Costner. It was only when the credits rolled that I discovered his true identity! Anyway, definitely a flick best seen on the big screen (or at least a big TV) – and one that I think anyone would enjoy! rating: 8/10.

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  • Carolyn: All fun aside, that is not a nice operation. I had one similar back when I was in my 20′s. Get well soon. Lots of Love.
  • Celeste Donnachie: Dude… that green moustache is impressive! You guys are going through so much. I love your positivity and upbeat attitude! You’ll conquer the world with it you know!...
  • Robyn: Being to look like Groucho Marx. Hope you recover quickly.
  • Mr Ed: :( I hope things turn the corner for you lot.. it seems like things get rougher and rougher.
  • Aubain Noel: Wow – glad it went well! Amazing picture too

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