JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

Last night, along with a bunch of my work colleagues, I ran the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge, a 5.6km run around Battersea Park. I thought that a sampling of London’s best weather (heavy rain and wind) would have discouraged a lot of folks, but over 13,000 people turned out to do the run! That’s crazy!

Unfortunately, with so many people, the bag check process took forever. We were still waiting in line when the start buzzer rang – there were already 11 minutes on the clock by the time I finally got to the gate! But once I got there, I started running and didn’t stop until the end – some 33:16 later. My trusty Polar told me that my heart rate peaked at 201bpm, and averaged 191bpm! Yowsers!

Though I was happy with my time (I was aiming for 35 minutes), I wasn’t even remotely close to some of the faster folks at our firm – Johnny Mac, for example, did the run in 23 minutes! We also had people running who typically compete in Ironman events, half, or full marathons – so I didn’t really expect to be the winner.

Getting our bags back afterwards took a good 40 minutes – and by this time we were soaked to the bone, and rather cold. I was very pleased when the guy finally handed my bag over, and I got to put my jumper back on!

Overall a very fun event – I’d happily sign up again next year. Plus, I got two shiney new t-shirts for my otherwise small collection – yes!!

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2 comments on “JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge
  1. Louisa says:

    Woohoo good work Gerry. 33 mins is a great achievement!

  2. Stackers says:

    Nice work G-Man! 33mins, you ARE an ironman!
    Shame it was raining for you though, it’s a nice park in the sunshine!
    I wanted to run it again this year to beat my last year’s time of c50mins (it was my first time running that far, I was rather pleased I made it without walking any!).

    Is the JPMorgan shirt see-through again this year?

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