Seven Sisters

On the weekend, Kristy and I joined up with DJ Puu for a camping trip to Seven Sisters. With it’s lilly-white cliffs, it looks like Dover, but it isn’t.

The cliffs at Seven Sisters

After a pleasant drive (just under two hours from our door), we parked our car, grabbed a clotted-cream morning tea (well, one of us had the clotted-cream), then got our kit on to go “canoeing” – which was really “kayaking”. Not being equipped with a waterproof camera, I am short of photos of this event, however we were not dressed for style, so perhaps that’s a blessing in disguise. Anyway, the water was cold, and the wind was strong – so after two solid hours, we were completely exhausted, and rather pleased to be setting foot back on dry land.

The kayaking was absolutely great fun overall, but it left us with a killer appetite. We sat on the bank of the river and hoed into the food that Matt had brought for lunch.

The campsite was about one mile from the carpark, so after lunch we locked up Matt’s wheels, and hiked our way in. The scenery was very pleasant, and we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather!

Hiking In

Unfortunately, the camping grounds had already filled up by the time we booked, so we weren’t able to tent it up. Instead, we were to be staying in the “sleeping barn”, which – apparently – holds up to 38 people. We couldn’t find any pictures of the “sleeping barn” on the website, and once we saw it, we knew precisely why; no-one would ever want to stay there if they saw it first.

The sleeping barn

Less than appealing. We also figured that to fit 38 people, you’d be quite snuggled against random stranger number 37 sleeping next to you.

We decided to get over ourselves and go for a walk around the area. It really was a beautiful spot – lovely green fields with a river running through it, and right next to the beach and its cliffs.

View from the cliff

It was also really windy while we were there. We were (see how many w’s were in a row then?) having trouble just trying to stand up straight!


Looking around the landscape though, I got the impression that high winds were not too unusual for the area.

Windy tree

After walking to the beach, up the cliff, then back to the campsite, we decided that we’d seen pretty much everything that we wanted to see in Seven Sisters, and the call of our own comfy beds was too strong to turn down. We ate dinner at the “camping barn” (it was quite effective in lightening the load of the esky), then hiked back out again.

Still, a lack of camping and high winds didn’t stop a bit of spontaneous frisbee from breaking out!


We had a smooth ride back to London (a little too smooth for Kristy – she was fast asleep within about 10 minutes), and after an exhausting day, we were very pleased to crash into bed that night.

A few more photos from the day are in the Seven Sister’s photo album.

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  1. Nellie says:

    Wow ! check out that tree!!!!!! Looked like a nice place though except for the sleeping quarters..

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