The Chewable Toothbrush

Just when you thought travel wasn’t fun enough, I issued a challenge to Julian and Shelley whilst we were waiting for our departing flight to Rome a few weeks ago. Without knowing what the challenge involved, they foolishly both accepted, so I presented them each with a round mysterious ball. The contents: a chewable toothbrush, as found in airport bathroom vending machines, all over the globe.

The Chewable Toothbrush

Shelley immediately put hers into her bag and claimed she’d “try it later”; Julian however stepped up to the plate and cracked it open. Watching him eat it was quite the spectacle; it was clearly not good.

It’s like someone has got a hard piece of plastic, covered it in toothpaste, let it dry, then shoved it into a ball and charged £1 for two of them.

A very accurate description indeed! It didn’t last long in his mouth – perhaps 24 seconds elapsed before it was trashed. Not believing it could be anywhere near as bad as he was making out, I confiscated Shelley’s and tried it for myself.

Oh, how right he was – that thing was disgusting! The toothpaste is more like sugar that has dried on the back of the toothbrush, and it feels rather worrying when it falls off. And, it tastes so bad that chewing is the last thing on your mind. After perhaps one-and-a-half chews, I spat mine out quick smart.

Once again, it was Julian who best summed up the experience:

Nothing good can come of a chewable snack found in an airport bathroom.

So wise, so wise.

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2 comments on “The Chewable Toothbrush
  1. Shell says:

    Gerrod, I have never seen more disappointment and pure disgust on a person’s face then when you were chewing that ‘toothbrush’.

  2. Stackers says:

    Thanks for experimenting, I have seen those so many times and wondered…

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