I came home a few weeks ago to find a box sitting in the lounge room. Since I get all my packages delivered to work, I ignored it for a few days, until finally on the weekend I looked at the label wondering why on earth someone had left an unopened package in the lounge room. Turns out it was addressed to me!

Well, colour me befuddled! I had no idea what mysterious contents the box held, so I stood and pondered for a moment or two. Naturally, curiosity quickly got the better of me, so into the box I plopped, and pulled out not one but two packages – Carcassonne, and its expansion pack!

Shelley pondering

Turns out it was a rather thoughtful gift from Natalie and her bandy of Cookes, who said that they thought it “may be fun to play with our flatmates”. Fun it is! It’s such a simple, yet well thought out game – easy to learn, but difficult to win. And, it’s made by the same guy that made Settlers, so there was a good chance I’d be loving it.

The game essentially involves placing random tiles down to build up a map, and using your little men to create farmers, thieves, knights, and monks – each of which is worth a different number of points. There’s an element of luck involved due to the drawing of the tiles, but the real trick is to know when to play your little men, as you have a limited number to use, and you don’t get them back until their segment is complete.


Like I said, it’s simple, and it’s great! I’d recommend this game to anyone. We’ve already played it a number of times, but we haven’t tried the expansion pack yet. I’m sure we will very soon though!

Thank you so much Cookes!

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  1. Friendless says:

    Carcassonne is designed by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede, Settlers is designed by Klaus Teuber. Not the same guy, sorry. Carc is a pretty cunning game though! The struggle for control of the fields works beautifully.

    There’s a new game out called Dominion. It’s a card game that you’ll only find at hobby stores. It’s like Magic: the Gathering without the collectible / money sink aspect. Very easy rules, 30 minutes to play, and addictive.

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