Christmas party 2008

My work Christmas party this year was held at the Mandarin Oriental hotel at Hyde Park corner. Similar to last year, it was a swanky dress-up affair, with the gents wearing penguin suits and the ladies in their fancy dresses.

Gerrod, Sophie and Sarah

Though I had enjoyed last year’s party, at that stage I didn’t know a whole lot of people at the company, I had no idea where we were (having never been to Old Street at that point), and the people I was seated next to at dinner weren’t the easiest to chat to (the seating is pre-arranged, wedding style).

Boy, what a difference this year! Firstly, the people at my table were all super friendly; and better still, my buddy Al was my right-hand man! Secondly, having now spent an extra year at the company, I know a lot more people, which meant I was never shy of someone to talk to. Thirdly, the hotel we were at is just around the corner from work, so I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable about the journey home.

Al and I at our table

The food was absolutely to die for – a selection of seafood bites for entree, beef wellington for the main, and chocolate mousse cake (I think? Hard to describe!) for dessert. As one of the support guys put it, “The beef wellington was the type of dish you’d select for your Last Meal!”.

The whole evening went by in a complete blur, and before I knew it I was sharing a cab home with Nick and Suzie. Some of the more hard-core party folk hit the clubs after the party finished, but a 1:30 AM finish on a school night was definitely late enough for me. Friday was neither a productive nor enjoyable day at work!

More photos online in the Christmas Party album.

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  1. jen_mckee says:

    Hi Gerrod and Kristy

    Occasionally I pop in to see what you’re up to … am enjoying reading about my old stomping ground, and impressed with the number of hours in pubs you’re logging! ; )

    So instead of just lurking this time, thought I’d say a quick hello, and Happy New Year. You guys seem to be having an awesome time in the UK, so am sure 09 will be a great year.

    As to what we’ve been up to, check out

    All the best


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  1. says:

    […] my 2008 Christmas party, I was beef wellington as the main meal. I can still remember how amazing that beef wellington was, […]

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