Working for espresso

A number of weeks ago (well, to be honest, it was on my tour of the office when I first started 18 months ago) I noticed an espresso machine tucked away in the corner of our kitchen at work. “Hello…” I thought, “what have we here?”. It was a stupid question really; clearly it was an espresso machine.

Regrettably, instead of immediately going out and buying some beans and trying that sucker out, I held off. And since the kitchen is at the other end of the building to me, it’s rare that I pay it a visit – hence the espresso machine faded from my memory. But a man needs his espresso – so I joined the rest of the lads from work in subjecting myself to the horrible “coffee” served up by the local vendors. It’s so appalling that Starbucks became our local supplier. Yes, it pains me to write it as much as it pains you to read it. I’m even more ashamed to admit that we go there so often that the staff know us all. By name.


But no more! I recently had to visit the kitchen to search for some stolen tupperware, and during my search I again encountered the espresso machine. “Hello!” I thought, “What have we here?”. Once again a stupid question, but I’m not the fastest learner when it comes to kitchen appliances.

So today I took the machine for a test run. I must admit, it’s not the most beautiful piece of equipment you’ve ever seen – it’s clear that the other users don’t treat it too well (dried coffee stuck in the grouphead, overflowing drip-tray, etc etc). But like a four-eyed librarian that rises to become the prom queen in a cheesy Disney flick, I managed to extract every ounce of potential that the little thing could muster.

And the results were – well, exceptional! All I need is a better frothing jug (an empty mug just doesn’t cut it) and it’ll be latte art time at work. Yeah, baby!

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4 comments on “Working for espresso
  1. Ben says:

    When will see you in Princess Diaries 3?

    A great, funny, well-written article UD.

  2. Ant says:

    Starbucks? Remind me to slap you when you get back home next month 🙂

  3. viiviiviivii says:

    I am thinking of following in your footsteps Gerrod!

    At work we have some passable espresso machines, but they do all the work for you..

    Thinking of getting an old Italian style setup at home 🙂

  4. coffee r us says:


    starbucks hey….

    and we had such high hopes for you.

    maybe all you need r some good beans.

    I’ll get you to help me with a roast next week and see if we can hook you up with the business.


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