Dunns River Falls

The only thing we had slated for Friday was to climb up Dunns River Falls. Kristy and I visited them on our last trip to Jamaica, but we were discouraged from climbing up due to the throbbing mass of people that were there. This time however, we were more determined! Cousin Natalie told us that you actually don’t need a guide, which was great news – walking up a waterfall and holding hands with a line of strangers wasn’t quite as appealing as trekking it up ourselves.

Things didn’t start out on the right foot when we awoke to find it bucketing down with rain.

Raining at Jenni's

Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes, we did realise that climbing up a waterfall would have made us wet anyway. It’s more that we were worried about flash-flooding; the last thing we wanted was a massive surge of water to make us lose our footing and knock us to our watery graves! But as I said earlier, I was determined to do the climb, so off to Dunn’s River Falls we went!

We arrived to find the falls absolutely teeming with water – Natalie, who has been there many times, said it was the quickest she’d seen them flowing. She and Dani, along with Jason and I, were the only ones in our group of eight to brave the climb from start to finish; Kristy joined in for about half of the climb as well!

Climbing the falls

I was so glad we did it – it was an awesome experience, and so much fun! I’d go so far as to say, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done – right up there with swimming through sinkholes that we did in Mexico. Absolutely awesome!

Top of the falls

Needless to say, we easily made it all the way to the top, after about half an hour of climbing. Some of the rocks were quite slippery, but for the most part it wasn’t too difficult – after all, some of the guides run up so effortlessly, they make the rocks look like a staircase! Amazing!

(Thanks to Jason and Susan for the photos – more available in Jason’s photo album.)

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