The Butterfly Effect

One night when we were in Singapore I got a message from Dean around 3 AM in the morning, asking me if we wanted tickets to see The Butterfly Effect. Well, it was an easy answer – even that early in the morning – heck yes! I immediately texted him back and asked him to get us some tickets.

Turns out that the sense of urgency I felt wasn’t entirely warranted, as the show wasn’t even close to a sell out. Still, they manged to pack in about 600 fans (mainly Aussies, I suspect) at ULU, which I think is pretty good given that they’re barely known at all over here.

The Butterfly Effect

Last night was my first Butterfly Effect gig, and I have to say that I was extremely impressed! They played a really good mix of songs from all three of their albums – all of my favourites, and all of their singles as well. My favourite song of the night (and probably my favourite of all of their songs) was Reach – it’s the song that has everything!

Of course, no gig is without its downers, and last night had its usual collection of knob-heads in the mosh pit. Julian made friends with a guy who was dancing so enthusiastically that he must have thought that everyone had come to see him perform; but really, he was harmless. It’s the guys that create circle pits and throw themselves at the other patrons that really get me going. I wasn’t too sorry to see security drag a few of those idiots out.

Still, a few losers couldn’t tarnish was was otherwise an amazing show. Hopefully they’ll be back in London again soon!

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  1. Stac says:

    They are amazing live aren’t they? I haven’t seen them since they’ve been ‘big’ though, just a couple of tiny gigs, one at the Waterloo and one in Townsville. The energy they have is definitely catching.

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