Good, bad, worse

Good: Young Racey McRace was in town last night, so we jumped at the chance to meet her for dinner. She was keen to go back to an Italian place near London Bridge, which was called something like “Giovanni’s Wine Cellar”. It was pretty good, actually – fairly authentic tasting food, Italian waitresses who were a bit rusty on their English, and an awesome red wine which was number 26 on the menu, yet was called “29” on the label.

Of course the food and wine wasn’t really the drawcard; we were there to see Stace, and it was wonderful to catch up with her. I was amazed at how quickly 7:30 PM became 10:30 PM!

Bad: I wasn’t tired when we got home, so after tucking in the wife, I sat on the couch for a little Resistance 2 online co-op action. To my dismay, the PS3 wouldn’t read the game disc!


This had also happened on the weekend with the blu-ray version of Hancock; at the time I had thought it was the movie that was playing up, but it seems it’s all blu-ray discs.

Worse: Inconveniently, the PS3’s crappy 1 year warranty has expired, so now it looks like I’ll have to pay to get it fixed! Unimpressed! And as a final kick in the you-know-what’s, a shiny new game arrived for me at work yesterday, and now it looks like I won’t be able to try it for at least (insert average time to fix the PS3 console here)! Sad for me!

Worst of all: Now that I’ll be losing my precious PS3 for a while, I figure that I’ll be stuck with a bunch of free time, just as the weather has turned awful and bright and sunny! What on earth am I going to do with myself?!

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