Move over, Tiger!

On Thursday night, we had a “team building” event at work, which was held at Urban Golf at Farringdon.

Virtual Golf

I’ve always wanted to try out virtual golf! Turns out it’s actually great fun, especially when (a) someone else is paying, and (b) the beer is free!

It’s been ages since I’ve picked up a golf club, and boy how it showed! On my opening shot, I barely skimmed the top of the ball, which made it mainly shoot somewhat upwards rather than forwards, scoring me a dismal 30 yards or so. However on my second shot I found my form, kept my eye on the ball, and smashed it for 220 yards! Much better!

The night started with some driving practice, followed by an ambrose (or “scramble” as they call it) competition. Each bay supports up to 8 people, but I think that’s about twice as many as it should; we had 7 people, and it felt like a long time between turns. Case in point: in two hours, we only managed to get through three holes!

We finished up the night with two more competitions – longest drive, and closest to the pin – neither of which I had any plausible chance of winning. Still, all in all it was great fun, and I’d be keen to go back with a few friends. I just wish I’d have known about this place when Jason and Susan were here, as I think it would be right up Jason’s ally!

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  1. jason says:

    That sounds like good, clean fun! I remember Brett and I played a few holes at a virtual machine they used to have at Myer Carindale. Somehow I don’t think the virtual distance is the same as actual, but still nothing like trying to belt the skin off a golf ball!

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