The KeepCup

One of the presents that Jason and Susan sent me for my birthday was a KeepCup. I’d never heard of these until I unwrapped it, but the concept is fairly simple – a reusable coffee cup, that looks like a disposable cup. Genius!

My KeepCup

For some reason though, I kept forgetting to take it with me to work, so for the last two weeks, it has been sitting on the shelf at home, looking at me shamefully. Thank goodness Stacey kept nagging me to send her a photo and a review – I finally packed it yesterday for it’s inaugural coffee run!

I’m pleased to say that the cup performed swimmingly! The girl at Costa clearly wasn’t used to people bringing in their own cups, because when I asked her if I could use it, she defensively asked, “What’s wrong with my cup?”. She was equally unimpressed when I told her that her cups were environmentally unfriendly; but eventually she gave in and used my cup. I kept a careful eye on her to make sure she didn’t spit into my coffee.

Besides the obvious environmental benefits, I also love that they’re a “standard” size according to Australian baristas. This means that the ratio of coffee to milk much closer than what it usually is over here. And, since the cup is smaller than the Brit’s usual “small” cup, the coffee is cheaper, too!

All up, and absolutely excellent present – one I can’t recommend highly enough for the take-out coffee lover in your family. Thanks, Jason and Susan!

(Happy now, Racey?)

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11 comments on “The KeepCup
  1. Stac says:

    Ha! Yes I AM happy! Thank you. I am very excited about this cup. When you say the coffee was cheaper, what did she charge you for?

  2. gerrod says:

    Well, my usual order is a small latte with an extra shot, which is £2.35; she gave it to me for £2 since “there’s less milk”.

  3. Stac says:

    Impressive! I couldn’t imagine any chain store rounding down for any reason. (‘I can’t find the button for 8oz – aargh!’… *robot barista implodes*)

  4. Stac says:

    I always order my coffee at Caffe Nero with about an inch and a half less milk and they always charge me the same as if it were full… boo hoo.

  5. gerrod says:

    Time to switch to Costa!

  6. Phil says:

    Apparently they are good in the short term, but the knockers down here in the South Island say that they aren’t as good as first thought as you eventually have to dispose them. Something that saves all the throw away cups going into the landfill sites must be a good thing I say!

  7. Don B. says:

    The lifespan of a KeepCup is conservatively estimated at four years and when its time is up, it can be recycled so there is no problem there that I can see o’ South Island naysayers!

  8. Phil says:

    Don’t know about that, but I think you caffeine addicts should find a quicker way to get your fix, it takes Jean 2 cups of strong to get started in the morning!!!

  9. Stac says:

    Not addicts Dad! I gave up for almost three whole weeks (worst weeks of my life). We could all quit if we wanted to.

  10. Phil says:

    Yea, right!!!

  11. Pat says:

    Here I was thinking about I am not a paper cup. Hmmm…

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