Congratulations, Nathan and Kelly!

Last night we attended Nathan and Kelly’s engagement party at The Whistle and Flute in Putney. Cleverly, I had my camera on me all evening, but didn’t remember to take a single photo! This is disappointing for two reasons; one, because it would have been nice to actually get a shot of the happy couple; and two, because right when we were leaving, there was a guy sitting at a table who was a dead ringer for John Bettiol. He was so close, that when I pointed him out to Kirstin, she screamed! So, here’s an old photo of John that I’ll use; try to convince yourself that I took it around midnight last night, on our way out of the bar.

Truth be told, I actually did take one photo last night, and I must admit, it’s a good one. Here’s Roland, Kirstin, Emily, and Kristy waiting for a train, at Putney station.

Now, you may think this photo is a little ordinary, but look closely. Closer…. perfect! You’ll notice that everyone is smiling; that’s because we all had such a great time! You may also note that everyone’s hair is a little bit singed; this is from the spontaneous combustion of the paper menu inside the pub. Seriously! We were all just standing around grabbing some finger food (the chicken satay sticks were delicious!), when suddenly the menu burst into flames! Our South African friend from behind the bar ran up to us and said, “I’ve been here for 3 years and never seen a fire in the place; you folks have been her for five minutes and you’re already trying to burn it down!”. No-one claimed responsibility, but we all know it was Emily.

Anyway – it was a great night overall, and it was fantastic to finally catch up with Nathan and Kelly. Hope you guys had a great night too, and sorry again about the lack of photos!

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3 comments on “Congratulations, Nathan and Kelly!
  1. viiviiviivii says:

    It is rare to see such a handsome portrait on your site..

    Who is this fine young fellow 🙂

    Anyway, this post is no good without evidence 😛

    Wish I was back in London with you all..

    One day..

  2. viiviiviivii says:

    Oh and double congrats to Nathan and Kelly

  3. nathan says:

    Thanks G! Was great to see you guys as it had been so long! Must catch up more regularly. Thank you for the gift too. 🙂

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