Geocaching etiquette

While we were in the Uffington ‘hood, we decided to seek out a wee cache. We found it pretty quickly (it was an easy one), and we dropped off a travel coin that we’d been holding for a while.

Sadly for said travel coin, the dude who had dropped it prior to us picking it up never actually recorded his drop. I e-mailed the guy when I picked it up and asked him to log the coin into the cache, but after a month there was still no sign of this happening. And since I knew we’d be dropping off the coin on Saturday, I was forced to “grab” it from his hands (instead of logging it out of its cache), which means its travel history will now be slightly skewed. So etiquette lesson number one: log your trackable items as quickly as possible.

Lesson numbers two and three concern the things you put in a geocache. Firstly – food is a big no-no. Animals have a keen sense of smell, and will often attack the cache to try and get to the contents inside. Worse still, don’t put half eaten food in there, like this “delicious” looking orange chuppa-chup that we found on the weekend. That’s just disgusting.

Finally, a word on advertising. If you’re really looking to search out a new audience, perhaps placing ads inside a cache container seems like a great idea to you; I, however, think it’s about as classy as the dudes that hand out those “collector cards” (*ahem*) in Las Vegas. Cheap, and nasty!

I didn’t even bother trying to work out the nature of the business that this guy was advertising; though on reflection, I can only assume it was something to do with the hire and sales of one-eyed penguins. And now that I think of it, perhaps Kristy should have paid the ad some more attention – after all, she’s always wanted a penguin…

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  1. Stac says:

    ha ha, one-eyed penguin…

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