Where does the time go? Todd and I went to the Karnivool concert last Monday and I’m only now finding the time to write about it! Goodness me!

Anyway – it was only October last year when I last saw Karnivool perform to a very limited (but sold out!) crowd of 300. This time, playing at The Relentless Garage in North London, they doubled their audience capacity, and still ran out of tickets well before the show!


As expected, the performance was fantastic – this is one of those bands that constantly amazes me with how well they play live. While I’m watching, I often try to isolate the music from each individual instrument, and for each one, I’m always impressed at how well it’s being played. I felt a little sorry for the warm-up band because their singer was pretty ordinary – especially when compared to the almost pitch-perfect singing of Karnivool’s Ian Kenny.

It’s hard for me not to compare this performance with their previous one, given how close they were together. I definitely enjoyed them both, and I think the set list was pretty similar for the two of them, but overall their first show really stands out as the better one for me – mainly due to the sound quality. I’m not sure if it was the venue’s fault, or if the sound engineers weren’t as good for this show, but The Relentless Garage seemed a bit washed out in comparison to the Angel Academy.

Overall though, Karnivool have become one of my favourite acts to see live, and I’d recommend them to anyone. Do yourself a favour and get a copy of Sound Awake – you won’t regret it! (Well, if you don’t like progressive metal as a genre, then maybe you will regret it – but you can’t blame anyone but yourself for your poor taste in music! Heh heh…)

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One comment on “Karnivool
  1. Ben says:

    They can’t be that good. They can’t even spell carnival properly. Stupid Karnies….

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