Ireland: Killarney to Cork

We based ourselves in Killarney for day three, as there’s loads to do in that part of the country. First up was a visit to Ross Castle.

Ross Castle

Turns out there’s not much to do at Ross Castle, unless you’re willing to shell out cash for a tour of the lake. Willing we were not, so we instead headed down to check out the Torc Waterfall. We all agreed that it was very waterfally.

Another big drawcard of the area is Gap of Dunloe. We were told that it’s “near impossible” to drive through the Gap, and were instead encouraged to rent some horses (for the girls) and a cart (for Philip and us). Of course, this all turns out to be a huge myth – it didn’t look any more precarious than the rest of the driving we’d done – but the Irish lad who drove our cart was quite entertaining, and well worth the cash – though I hope for his sake, he invests some of it on some underarm deodorant. Poo-ey!

Gap of Dunloe

Old souvenir shop at the Gap of Dunloe

Persistent rain on day four ruined our plans to drive the Ring of Beara, so we took an early turn-off and headed back to Blarney to visit it’s famous castle. My expectations were very high after the glowing review it got from Julian, however I suspect they visited on a day that it wasn’t pouring with rain.

Blarney Castle

The Cookes were particularly amused at the lack of safety equipment fitted to the castle; instead, they merely blow off any potential lawsuits with a blanket warning along the lines of: “Old castles pose an inherent risk to visitors”. I suspect that the climb to the top of the castle (where the Blarney Stone awaits your tender loving kiss), up multiple sets of slippery, narrow stairs would definitely fall into the “inherently risk” category; but when in Rome Ireland…

Kissing the Blarney Stone

(Note the rain on my jacket!)

Despite Trip Advisor’s claim that this is the most unhygienic tourist attraction in the world, Dani, Philip and I all puckered up for the challenge – though I was somewhat comforted by the bottle of antibacterial surface spray that the attendant had sitting next to him, even if it was only for show. I dunno if my speech is, like, more eloquent now and stuff, but I definitely reckon that it’s done us wonders, ay!

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