A London Farewell

On Sunday afternoon, we held a very casual “Farewell London” party at our favourite pub, The Jolly Gardeners (the same place we held my 30th birthday). We turned up a little early to enjoy one last Sunday roast for lunch – their meals have always been at the better end of the “pub food” scale, and our roast chicken with “all the trimmings” lived up to our expectations.

We were stoked to be able to catch up with so many wonderful friends before we left – especially since this will be the last time for (possibly) a long time that we’ll see many of them! It was very happy sad indeed; saying goodbye to amazing people is no easy feat; mercifully, Eva bought along cupcakes to ease the pain.

Eva's cupcakes

We did our best to get a photo with everyone before they left (except for Haswell who flat out refused, and Nick and Suzie who snuck back to their house to cook us dinner!). My apologies if we missed anyone, it certainly wasn’t on purpose! (Full credits to Pat, Kirsty and Steve for their photography skills!)

A massive thanks to everyone who came along – you (and all those that couldn’t make it too!) will all be missed greatly – please come and visit us in Australia!

Photos from the afternoon in the “A London Farewell” gallery on Picasa or on Facebook.

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2 comments on “A London Farewell
  1. Pat says:

    w00t! First comment. Bye guys. You’ll be missed although I’m sure you have plenty of friendly faces that can’t wait until you hit Australian shores again. Great afternoon at the pub. Definitely worth the the tube trip out :-P

  2. Louisa says:

    Great photos guys, looks like a great afternoon – with mixed feelings Im sure.

    Can’t wait till your welcome home party ;)

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