For our final four days in the UK, and our final road trip in Gazpacho, we left London on Monday morning and headed out to Cornwall – the south-western most county of England. We’re staying here until Thursday, when we’ll zoom back to London to drop off the car to it’s new owner, before making our way to Heathrow for our final departure!

The drive out here is long – in the region of five hours – so we took a number of breaks along the way. When we saw signs to Cheddar, we knew that Sister Susan would never forgive us if we didn’t stop to pay homage to the birthplace of her beloved cheese, so we made a quick detour to check out it.


The area’s main drawcard is in fact not a bunch of cheesey attractions (see what I did there?), but instead the gorge, and the caves where it’s thought that the cheese was originally made. But at £17.50 a pop for a tour of the caves (“The ticket is valid for 10 years!” says the ticket lady), and with two-and-a-half more hours of driving ahead of us, we gave them a skip.

We finally arrived in Newquay at around 5 PM. Kristy had read about a funky cafe called Cafe Irie which apparently made a delicious afternoon tea, and even though it was a bit late in the day for it, we decided to give it a whirl anyway. Funky, it most certainly was!

Kristy at Cafe Irie

Their food was excellent; Kristy especially can verify this, as she received two servings of pancakes instead of the two pancakes that she thought she had ordered. That’ll pay her for being indecisive with her toppings! Funniest of all though, the waitress didn’t even bat an eyelid at how much food it was – she must have thought Kristy was taking the whole “eating for two” thing very literally!


This turned out to be more than enough food to see us through the evening, so after a very quick walk around the town, we checked in to our hotel and had ourselves an early night.

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3 comments on “Cornwall
  1. Louisa says:

    hehee that’s great. If you’re going to accidentally get two of any meal I reckon pancakes would be one of the best to do it with!

  2. susan says:

    Yummmmmm cheddar… that story made me hungry!

  3. Squirrel says:

    SOOOOOO Hungry! Between the Cheese and the Pancakes, that was a dream post.

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