Farewell, Kitchen!

We always knew that our kitchen would be getting an overhaul shortly after we moved in, and that process began on Monday. Well actually, it’s been in process for weeks, but we signed the contracts on Friday, and our old kitchen got ripped out at sparrow’s on Monday morning. Just to recap, here’s what our kitchen did look like:

Kitchen before - front corner

Kitchen before - back corner

But as of about midday on Monday, our kitchen now looks like this:

Empty kitchen - front corner

Empty kitchen - back corner

I’m not sure why we thought doing this before Piccolo makes his/her arrival would be a good idea, but I have to admit that living sans-kitchen hasn’t been all that bad so far. That said, we’re very much looking forward to the new one going in!

Anyway, we’re pretty much accepting any offers for meals at other people’s houses, so c’mon now… don’t be shy! (Brisbane based preferred, but we’re open minded! ;-))

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5 comments on “Farewell, Kitchen!
  1. Squirrel says:

    Bayswater then?

  2. bitingmidge says:

    Or Paris? But you’ll have to be quick, we move about quite a lot.

    It’s a shame really, blue is the next big thing.

  3. Phil & Jean says:

    You’re welcome here anytime, just let us know and we will pick you up at the airport.

  4. gerrod says:

    Thanks everyone, you’re all too kind! I presume your offers come complete with airfares?

  5. helen says:

    It’s a *very* good idea to do this before Piccolo’s debut! Because you really, really won’t want to do it after. Try shushing contractors for a sleeping baby…..
    (I love a kitchen makeover! I am excited for you!)

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