Kitchen progress: Cabinets installed!

Baby Oscar isn’t the only new addition to the house! As mentioned, we’ve been renovating our kitchen, and it feels like forever ago that it was ripped out! Well, the good news is that the cabinets are all now complete, and they were delivered to the house on Monday – same day Oscar was delivered to the house, coincidentally!

Cabinets delivered

They only sat in the dining room overnight, as the installer turned up bright and early (and hungover, as it turns out) on Tuesday morning to start the installation. He’s back again this morning to finish the job off, and he’s brought a “ducting guy” with him to install the rangehood. How excitement! Here’s how the kitchen looked at the end of yesterday:

Naked kitchen

By the end of today, all the cabinets should be fully installed, but we’ve still got a few stages to go. Next, we need to get some final measurements for the cabinets so the stone benchtops can be cut to fit. Apparently this can take up to two weeks, but is often done in only two days (which is obviously the timing that we’re hoping for!). The electrician also has to come back and wire up all the appliances and switches, as well as install the lighting (which we’re yet to pick!). We need the plumber to come back and reconnect everything, since we’ve moved the sink from the back wall to the side wall. And finally (I think!), our builder is coming back to lay the tiles on the splashback.

We’re not 100% certain when it will all be done, but I’ve got my fingers crossed it will be early next week. Ohh, it’s so close I can almost taste it!

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4 comments on “Kitchen progress: Cabinets installed!
  1. susan says:

    It’s looking great!!

  2. Aubain says:

    Looks awesome Gerrod! What do you reckon’s the first meal you’ll make?

    p.s. it better involve your famous guacamole.
    p.p.s. in fact, just have guacamole

  3. Louisa says:

    Love how it looks without the wall! It will be awesome!

  4. Helen says:

    Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Where is the espresso machine going to sit?

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